What We Do
We help you creating new habits so you can thrive.



Anxiety management

In this short course, we focus on 5 habits that will help your manage anxiety better.

Restoring Communication

Being a good communicator take time but you can develop it. 

Resolving Conflict

Resolving conflict is a skill we all can learn

Wellness plan

By making simple and healthy choices daily, you will be well on your way towards reducing stress, having positive social interactions, and achieving optimal wellness.


Growing your Faith

Being a believer is not just about having faith, it about living faith. 

Walking in His shoes

Getting to know Jesus one step at a time.

Roadtrip247 is our Christian leg that dreams about sharing God’s word in today’s words. We have an app that is a world first, with an interactive leadership guide, bible studies, videos and more. Be part of the journey. It’s available in English and “Afrikaans”